Our Areas of Expertise

Unparalled Solutions is registered with NDIS to provide the following services.


  • Registration Groups
  • Behaviour Support
  • Assistive equipment recreation
  • Participate Community
  • Group/centre Activities
  • Assist Access/ Maintain Employment
  • Assist-life stages, transition
  • Development-life skills
  • Assist-travel/ transport
  • Assist Personal activities
  • Accommodation/ Tenancy
  • Comms & info Equipment

Under the behavioural support/ Improved relationships is where most of my work is done. Supporting individual's with complex support requirements allowing them to have the voice for people to hear.

That may be its not their behaviour but how they are being treated or not understood, that is the issue and getting others to re think how they are doing things.

People will always need support just in different amounts of times.