About Unparalleled Solutions.

I started this business after working in the Disability sector for 30 years in government and Disability Sector Organisations. I have worked in many roles and gained valuable knowledge and experience. Starting as a support worker in 1980's to finishing as an accommodation general manager in 2011 for an DSO. Over my time in supporting people with DSC and DSO's, I realised there was something missing. It was support to individuals and families when it is required not just in office hours. With the knowledge and skills, I have and being able to support when needed and gives people a sense of support and relief that they are not alone.

I am constantly looking for better ways to provide services to individuals to allow greater independence in their lives. Since starting Unparalleled Solutions, I have worked with many great people which I still keep in contact with.

I have been running my business since 2011 working with Individuals, Families, DSO's and Aged care facilities with very positive results. The positives out of my work are the work I get is by recommendation by others I have worked with this means my work comes from my reputation.

I facilitate a peer group to build friendships and gaining social skills. This is an unfunded group running with just pure interest by individuals to improve their life and have fun.

Unparalleled Solutions also provide training to staff if required. Jamie is qualified in training and assessing and provide some one-day training packages in Positive support and active engagement. If you are interested in ant training contact Jamie to see what he can support you to achieve.

People will always need support just in different amounts of times.