People will always need support just in different amounts and times

Unparalleled Solutions works with people and their support teams to find a solution that gives a person the best support to allow them the greatest independence in their life. This can be quick or could take time; it means working with all the support team it could be in a classroom environment or may be in the individual home with the team or in the community.

Unparalleled Solutions believes all people should be supported by Family, Friends and staff with knowledge and skills. When it's hard to get staff to Perth, Jamie will travel to anywhere in Western Australia to support an individual's team so they provide a skilled service

You need to learn from people Before you can teach them anything

A major focus of Unparalleled Solutions is on Communication a person uses and how others understand and respond. As the way people respond can cause frustrations for the person trying to communicate and these frustrations can be misinterpreted as behavioural issues.

We all need to take responsibility to understand an individual's communication and not expect them to learn ours. We need to give a person every chance to communicate their stories with all communication applications that are available to that person.

Unparalleled Solutions is run and owned by Jamie Smith who has worked in the Disability Field for 30 plus years. Unparalleled Solutions operates supports 24/7 to those people they are supporting so when those people need supports, they will be there either in person by phone or email.

Covering all of WA Western Australia